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About Us

Rustic Decor began in 1995, conceived in part through another business venture. While building a retail outlet in a western theme, using old weathered wood, the idea came to us to make old wood products and barnwood decor to sell in our store. Our first two products, which continue to be best sellers, were our old wood tote and barnwood window box. Soon we started manufacturing rustic barnwood picture frames. These barnwood picture frames were a top seller in our store and we quickly realized we had a market. We began selling our barnwood products to a local craft store chain. Our barnwood picture frame immediately became their #1 selling open frame and still is to this day. Through much innovation and aggressiveness we tooled up our shop to handle any size picture frame order. Today we have the capabilities to produce thousands of barnwood picture frames a week using the latest tools and technology.

Our business focuses solely on rustic wood products. We reclaim old weathered wood materials destined for the local landfills and recycle it into beautiful rustic wood products. Our process begins with capturing the raw material, cleaning all the nails and screws out, sorting the wood into various categories and running it through our milling process. We are basically a 100% green company, using mainly recycled materials.  One thing you will notice about all of our barnwood products is the distinct knots, nail holes and slight color variations in the wood. These so called imperfections are what give all of our barnwood products their beautiful unique charm. We take great pride in the quality of all our barnwood products. Whether you order 1 or 1000 you can expect nothing less than 100% satisfaction from us here at Rustic Decor. We manufacture all of our barnwood molding and all of our barnwood picture frames on high production double cut off saws creating perfect 45 degree corners and then v nailed using high production machines. This guarantees you a beautiful high quality barnwood picture frame. We design and manufacture all of the barnwood products on our website in Oklahoma.

Contact us either by email or phone with any questions. We are here to help. Be assured when ordering we have a secure site to protect all of your information. We have some of the best products in the industry, and are proud to be Made in the USA!

Warmest Regards

Scott Boscarelli

Rustic Decor LLC

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